About Us

Hi my name is Jackie! Let me start off by saying I LOVE what I do! This is what I've always wanted to do since I was in kindergarten and I got my first 110 Kodak camera and I took all the film up of my Christmas presents before my mom and dad woke up. Hehehe.  I have 2 wonderful boys ages 18 and 12  I have a wonderful husband that listens to all my crazy ideas I have and sometimes makes them for me:)  My family has two wonderful Rottweilers, Baylee is a American Female rottie, she is 5 years old and Tank is a 4 yr old 100+ lb. German male rottie.  They all keep me busy!

I am just a small town girl that loves what she does. I feel that it is important that anyone can find a great photographer to produce beautiful, professional portraits and event photography with out paying too much.  You don't have to spend a Pretty Penny for Beautiful Pictures!! I realize that most of the families that I photograph for are just like me! Running a crazy paced life getting kids raised. I am willing to work on scheduling appointments when its convenient for you.  All my clients deal with me directly. I do not hire out my work for someone else to take my shoots.  I print my own packages here at my studio also, because I want to be hands on through out my business. I want everyone to feel comfortable when they walk through my studio doors.  I'm not a large studio, I am just a laid back person that enjoys making people feel comfortable and have fun during a shoot.  I have very resonable prices for all photography.  Studio, Location, Weddings, Daycares, Ball Teams...you need a picture I can shoot it!